Friday, November 30, 2012

Pharmacist, Govt. Medical College, M.M.E. and R.S., Gr-B.

Pharmacist, Govt. Medical College, MME&RS, Gr-B

A. Supervision, Regulation and Co-ordination of following sections in Hospital -
a) Drug dispensary O.P.D.
b) Drug dispensary L.P.D.
c) Drug store and Surgical store.
B. Supervision of Drug store regarding following things -
1. Preparation and control of drug statement according to drug requirement.
2. To assist Head of the department of Pharmacology in drug purchase according ot Government rules
and Regulations.
3. Supervision of In-puts and Out-puts of drugs and stock checking and record checking.
4. Keeping record and reporting to Head of the Department / Associate Professor of Pharmacology of
expired drugs, spoiled drugs and used drugs(slow moving).
5. Supervise and send the bills to accounts section in time.
6. Complaints abouuuuuuuut drugs and sub standard drugs should be processed according to
Governments Rules and Regulations.
7. Point No. 1 to 5 rules should be followed for Surgical store too.
8. Wrute Confidential Report of Government servants working in Medical/Surgical store and send it to
the Head of the Department of Pharmacology in time.
9. Complete the work given by the Dean and Head of the Department of Pharmacology in time.
10. Can apply innovative ideas/projects to improve the drug supply to patients.

Compiled by My Preparation of Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) Examination for the blog

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